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    At Better Life Counseling Services, we understand that in today's demanding world, sometimes life can feel a bit overwhelming and hard to manage. Depression and anxiety can creep in and seem to take control. Addictions can overtake and consume a person's life. Career burnout can leave some feeling hopeless and trapped. Others may struggle with one bad relationship after another, leaving them feeling that they should be doing something differently, but not knowing what or how.
   Whether you need help with overcoming depression and anxiety, are struggling to be healed from addiction, need help sorting through relationship issues, or just need someone to help you decide upon a new career endeavor based upon your personality and skills. With years of experience and a burning desire to offer our clients quality and professional service, our counselors are here for you. Let us help you take your life in a new and better direction where you can feel fulfilled, at peace, and filled with the happiness you deserve!

We offer both individual and group counseling services. 

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