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Randall Venson, BS

Randall is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and is a graduate of Tennessee State University, where he earned a degree in criminal justice. Since 1995, Mr. Venson has worked extensively as a community activist, as well as focusing on youth - oriented concerns.


     As a social worker with Neighborhood Health, Mr. Venson has helped implement youth programs in Metro Public Schools and the Department of Children's Services. He has collaborated with organizations such as Stars, the Martha O'Bryan Center, Nashville Prevention Partnership, Metro Police Department D.AR.E. Program, G.A.N.G, Youth Alive and Free, and Project Return.  He has worked directly with youth who are in probation with the Metro Juvenile Justice Center. Mr. Venson has worked with men and women incarcerated in the Department of Corrections.

Mr. Venson was recipient of the 1999 Heart of Change Award, sponsored by the Community Shares organization and presented by the mayor of Nashville, Bill Purcell.  Early in 2000, the Baha'i Faith awarded him with a community service award.  Mr. Venson served on numerous boards such as the Nashville Peace and Justice Center as board chair, and he served as president of the Reconciliation Center.

     Mr. Venson has worked 6 years with the homeless community at Neighborhood Health's Downtown Clinic, the DTC as it is known. Mr. Venson not only worked as a case manager, but also worked in outreach. He collaborated with Room in the Inn, taught Life Skills at the Nashville Rescue Mission, Open Table, Safe Haven, and the Metro Homelessness Commission. He also coordinated health fairs and drove the mobile medical unit to the various locations.

     Mr. Venson taught at the Room in the Inn known as the "Campus".  There, he taught "Anger Management", "Stress Management", "Nicotine Anonymous" and "Current Events", and he also taught "Life Skills" at the ladies rescue mission.

     Mr. Venson is a motivational speaker and leader, who was the founder and chairman of the United Nubian Congress, an organization that worked to empower poor and depressed African American Communities. Mr. Venson ran for U.S. President in 2000 in order to politically motivate poorer communities to get involved in the politics in America.

     In addition to his work with these various endeavors, Mr. Venson hosted a regular radio program on WFSK 88.1 FM radio for 10 years. He hosted many guests who discussed a variety of topics. He later formed the Venson Institute for Knowledge based on his soon to be released book “5 steps on the Road to Emancipation featuring the Triangles of Life".  This book is based on his teaching philosophies that he has developed during his more than14 years of ground level case management and social services. He terms this, "Guerilla Case Management", which is using the art of improvisation to serve your people. This means using whatever resources are available to get your clients what they need in order to survive.

     Randall Venson is also a boxing coach and manger and is currently working with 2 professional boxers Harvey Jolly and Tony Johnson. Mr. Venson is also an actor who recently played in a video for Rascall Flatts and worked with Big Kenny of Big and Rich, and a playwright who has written several plays including "Black Men Rising to the Occasion", "The Resurrection of Jimi Hendrix", and the provocative production, "The People Verses the C.I.A.", all of which won praise and electrifying reviews from Nashville critics and organizations. 

Mr. Venson offers the services in the following areas:



  • Housing Assistance / Food Stamps / Disability Assistance
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco Cessation (Nicotine Anonymous)
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Home Visits
  • Institutional Liaison for Clients
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking and Seminars
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Role Reversal Skits
  • Life Skills
  • Critical Thinking Enhancement
  • Positive Self-Esteem Coach
  • Group Discussions
  • Urban Community Investigation